Driving Innovation, Creating Added Value With Additive Manufacturing

Today, industrial 3D printing has established itself in many industries: as a development accelerator, a facilitator and a solution for mass customization or spare parts on demand. But it still remains a highly innovative technology, which has a potential that is far from being exhausted.

EOS has significantly advanced industrial 3D printing over the past 30 years. Today, we possess a wealth of experience and project knowledge second to none around the globe.

We are constantly working on questions of the future: on further developing our additive manufacturing solutions, but also on finding very general answers that industrial 3D printing can provide to challenges from various industries.

The Digital Factory

The constant stream of customer needs and market fluctuations demands more flexible solutions. As a digitally networked and intelligent structure, industrial 3D printing can help. NextGenAM is a fully automated pilot system created by EOS together with Premium AEROTEC and Daimler,  showing in detail how this can work in practice. 

EOS factory of the future | © EOS

Industry 4.0
Networking of Additive Manufacturing

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3D printed lightweight structures | © EOS

Latest Ideas, Trends and Developments

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