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EOS Future 3D Printing Technologies What’s Around the Corner? 

Creating new technologies and allowing their potential to surprise us, that’s what drives EOS to continue development ... Powder bed-based technology for additive manufacturing has proven and established itself as a viable production technique right up to series production.

Following in its footsteps, we are working on permanent innovations for our technology platforms to offer you an optimized solution chain for your manufacturing challenges. 

LaserProFusion Technology

Injection molding is an established manufacturing technology that industrial 3D printing cannot simply replace. With LaserProFusion, EOS is taking the next step toward tool-free injection molding. This process for plastic-based additive manufactured is designed for maximum productivity with a strong focus on quality and therefore meets the requirements for series production.

EOS LaserProFusion Technology | © EOS

EOS Future Technology

Tool-Free Injection Molding

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With 3D printing, extremely fine surfaces and delicate, stable parts with minimum wall thickness down to just 0.22 mm become possible. That’s what our FDR technology has to offer. The laser produces a very fine beam with a focus diameter twice as small as existing SLS technologies. This allows completely new exposure parameters and parts with extremely fine surfaces to be implemented.

EOS FineDetailResolution FDR | © EOS

EOS Future Technology

Fine Detail Resolution (FDR)

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